Has Your School Stopped Growing?
Are Your Instructors Rocking Every Class?
Are Your Students Getting Bored?

Our Online Instructor Training will help you Grow Your Business, Increase Revenue, Ensure Exciting Classes, and Have Your Community Talking About Your School!

This Cutting-Edge Program Includes...

Online Instructor Training

This online course is complete with all the details on how to be THE martial arts instructor in your area that parents and students can't stop talking about.

No amount of marketing can overcome a mediocre instructor and classroom floor.

Just as important as what we teach, is HOW WE TEACH, and how our students feel while learning.

Increase Retention

Your school's tuition check or accounts receivables are directly proportional to how exciting your classes are, the amount of rapport between instructors and students, organization of classes and curriculum and student progress.

If you are going to grow your school you have to increase your school's retention, meaning KEEP YOUR STUDENTS AS YOUR STUDENTS, and decrease your school's dropout rate or attrition.

Experience You Can Trust

Barry Van Over, President of Premier Martial Arts International and Martial Arts Management Group, will lead participants though all instructor skills concerned with executing highly motivating, exciting, benefit-driven classes for all ages and skill levels of students.

Here is just a small sample of curriculum taught in this amazing program.

· Exciting Ways to Line Up Your Students for Class

· The Secrets to Keeping Warm Ups Pumped and Fun

· Powerful Class Formations to Keep Your Classes Different

· Tips for Teaching Exciting Classroom Drills

· Adult Self Defense Drills

· How to Execute Meaningful Personal Development Lessons in Your Classes

· How to Relate Personal Development Lessons to Any Physical Martial Arts Technique

· Classroom Connecting and Communication Techniques for Instructors

· Instructor Communication Drills

· 5 Step Approach to Correcting a Student's Bad Behavior in Class

· The Cycle of Instruction

· Classroom Drills for Skills for Any Style of Martial Arts to Make Your Classes a Blast!

· Understanding the Instructor's Financial Impact on the Business of the Martial Arts

· And Much Much More.....

The online instructor training comes complete with written notes and video lectures for the best possible learning experience for your team.

Our all new Online Instructor University will insure that your instructors are TEACHING THE BEST POSSIBLE CLASSES and growing your schools Retention, Renewals, and Rewards!

Each month you will also get…

Classroom Drills for Skills Program

Over 70+ classroom drill for skills that are themed using the six qualities of a champion.

Complete with text and video of live classes performing the drills. All of the drills will take your classroom excitement to an all time high. Rather you need to be reenergized with fresh material or want to take a young instructor to new heights, MAMG Drills for Skills has you covered!

Plus! This program includes…

Black Belt Excellence: Life Lesson and Character Development Program

It is no secret that the number one reason parents enroll children into martial arts is for character development.

18 months of life lesson mat chats and correlating character development homework assignments designed to continue to resell the benefits of your program to parents over and over again.

Our Black Belt Excellence program is a structured way of delivering those benefits on the classroom floor and in the homes of your students for the parents to be reminded why they chose YOUR martial arts school.

Lessons and Videos

The BBE program comes complete with written lessons and videos of the mat chats being taught to live classes. This combination will make sure that you or your instructors better understand the lessons and how they should be taught.

Custom Posters

Also included are 2 X 3 posters of each of the 18 monthly topics for you to hang in your school for students and parents to be reminded of that month's personal development topic that you will be instructing.

BBE Homework Assignments

AND... We have included a BBE homework assignment sheet for each monthly topic that your students take home and with the parents help, compete and return to you for a black BBE stripe to be awarded to the left side of their martial arts belt.

Talk about taking the mental benefits of your martial arts training home with them! Now this is professionally always re-selling your program and showing value!


Our Program Also Includes Monthly Instructor Tips

Quick tips, insights and reminders to keep you and your instructors engaged on how not to just teach but also maintaining relationships, communication techniques, classroom management, classroom atmosphere and customer service from the floor.

Attend Our Live Instructor Universities

You and your instructors will get special 50% OFF discounts to attend our LIVE MAMG Instructor Performance Universities. This is where you come and train in-person with us and hundreds of other instructors from around the country that care only about one thing...


Private Facebook Group of Top Instructors

You will have access to a private Facebook group of the top instructors in the country in which you can network, ask questions and share ideas!

Bonus Curriculum

We will provide you and your instructor with bonus curriculum to use for...

Online Instructors Exam

The online 100 multiple question exam will allow an instructor to see how much they truly understand about being a rock star instructor that generates referrals and gives a owner a scale in which to grade their instructor in the comprehension of this amazing program!

Now I bet you are guessing…How much is this power program that is going to take the instruction on my classroom floor to another level, enable me to change lives and retain my students?